It’s Not Too Early – Panini Christmas Gifts

Reps from Panini have let us know more than once that they appreciate criticism when it comes with solutions much more than just complaints. Some might say, “You’re the business, you figure it out.” But I think we have to accept this Panini NFT platform operates a little differently. It feels like a very lightly-funded side project at times–sort of a proof of concept that was meant to be sold to someone else (I guess that could still happen) or sink the idea that digital collectibles in the form of NFTs were viable.

Panini has had a rough go of it lately and I feel like they could use some love from the community.

So, rather than asking Panini to do stuff for us I’m going to propose some Christmas presents that might help them out.

Multi-Time Zone Clock

It seems when working with international business units within Panini or non-US leagues/organizations, there’s a real issue with getting time zones coordinated. I used to work in a huge multi-national and we had conference rooms with clocks for all the major offices in it. It’s helpful for quick scheduling questions and also getting some perspective on how your business works. It’s both a tool and a symbol.

I think this is a very thoughtful gift for the Panini customers out there on other continents who might enjoy some of the flash giveaways and other rare Panini interactions that seem to only occur during US hours.

A ToppsNFT Account

They may be related soon, but there’s some stuff the Panini NFT team could learn from their future siblings over at ToppsNFT now, so let’s get them an account so they can poke around.

I was very impressed with their most recent Garbage Pail Kids drop this week. Non-Flushable Tokens was minted to perfection, was a lot of fun to rip and explore, and they had a interesting opening challenge structure.

Even better were the blog posts introducing the product and the challenges that absolutely should be something Team Panini NFT models. They didn’t just dump stuff into their Discord–they actually put something on the internet about it. Imagine!

I understand the ultra-low mint (only 15,360 NFTs in the packs) may not be something Panini can do all the time, but I’ve been harping on small-batch releases for a while. Imagine a product selling out in less than an hour on Panini’s platform? They used to, but that was long ago. I think it would be pretty cool if they’d go back to that. Not every drop has to be a mega-mint event.

As for the challenges, here’s a quick list of what I liked (I’ll likely do a longer post about fixing challenges later):

  • Several set-based and theme-based rainbow challenges were rolled out
  • The requirements were clear and well-presented. Seriously, check out this great post.
  • Some of the challenges required a lot of pieces, some required a few.
  • The challenges all make sense with the product subject–clearly some thought and care went into the design rather than 15. variations on Adam Bomb, Evil Eddie, and the other perennial big GPK sellers.

A Yearly Subscription to My Total Market Report

I will dig into my personal stash for this one–I’ll send my Total Market Reports to their email or distribution list of their choosing for the next 12 months.

Panini seems to be keenly aware of their pack sales and Discord participation, but what about the secondary market? My report will help put that into perspective and maybe help with the disconnect they seem to be experiencing between how they believe things are going and how their customers are experiencing the market. Of particular interest should be what happens with drop after drop to not just the sports with the drops but the overall market.

A Padlock for the Minting Machine

Speaking of which, I propose we offer Panini a padlock (with free installation) for their minting machine. They need to chill on the packs in a major way. It doesn’t need to be shut down forever, but let us help you, Panini.

An Online Marketing Course

I think the biggest disconnect of all may be Panini decision makers believing they are doing good marketing for their NFTs and what their customers and potential customers understand.

Example: an email went out yesterday for the physical World Cup White Sparkle packs. Everyone knew this was going to be a quick sellout. (By the way, why don’t you have a queue system yet for these physical product drops Panini? Inexcusable.) So at best a tiny percentage of the people reading that email will get the product. Instead, they will either get a frustrating experiencing waiting to see if their order went through or get a sold out message. Seems like a great opportunity to cross-sell their very much in stock Road the World Cup NFT product.

Instead, nothing. Another wasted opportunity to get these NFTs in front of people interested in a sport. Excuses, excuses–at the end of the day, Panini needs help with marketing, especially with the NFTs beyond trying to move packs. Let’s get them some help with an online marketing course, particularly one that teaches them how to build personas to think about how their decisions affects some of the major categories of customers they have before they lose them for good.

A Challenge Intervention

Finally, this present is more for us than them–well, in the long-run it’s for them but they won’t see it that way at first.

We need an intervention on challenges.

This week, the number of challenges reached a truly insane number: 79.

Few are enjoying the challenges. Many more are tuning them out. Some have even taken them as a sign that Panini is out of their minds and are moving on completely.

There are too many. They happen too frequently. They further dilute the packed-out rare mints. They sit on the marketplace. They have become the classic too much of a good thing and we have indigestion.

We need Panini to slow down with the challenges until they can rethink the strategy. Speaking of which, what is the strategy now? It’s not working with moving packs any longer, so what are they trying to accomplish?

Well, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I just couldn’t wait on these gifts.

Merry Christmas, Panini! You’re welcome!

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